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Adarsha Online

From the Principal's Desk 

Warmest millennium greetings to one and all!

The power of man's mind has discovered many secrets of Nature. But we are yet to discover the secret of our own nature. "Man, know thyself" said the Greek oracle. Today's youth is torn between updating himself with the fast developing world, while maintaining fidelity to the basic principles of his own society. His prime duty therefore is to safeguard his culture and move ahead with the modern times.

Goodness in behavior is the absence of the self-'me'. This is the essence of 'Bhakti'-love and sacrifice. This should come from the depth of one's being and should be a part of one's daily existence. Today's world is becoming more and more materialistic and man is becoming more and more self-centered. He wants to enjoy himself and pursue his own interests. As long as he is safe, he cares little for what is happening around him.

Since Adarsha has completed a decade, lets take stock of what we have achieved in this span. What are the qualities that abide, spur us on? Keeping qualities in mind, let's march ahead. You have to learn to love, to sacrifice, for, you are the future. Unless this is realized, there will not be peace and happiness. 

May God bless you!



Smt. Nitya Gopalakrishnan